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How do I make an appointment?

All appointments should be made by emailing


To ensure the best possible service, please include as much info as possible in your email, including


1) your name and contact information,

2) as full a description of the tattoo you'd like to get as you can provide, including size, placement, color and style,

3) your budget,

4) reference photos, if you have any,

5) your general availability.


Once we have all this information, I can let you know how much time is needed and what we need to do to move forward. Generally the shop is booked a week or two out.


Unfortunately because of covid we are unable to take walk-ins 

How much will my tattoo cost?

Although the hourly rate is $120 and we have a shop minimum of $50, the price of every tattoo depends on size, placement, color, style, and budget—please contact us to discuss the details of your particular tattoo to get a better idea of the price. If you would like a sketch of your tattoo ahead of time, I require a $40 deposit – this amount goes towards the price of the tattoo.

Do you do cover-ups?

Yes! We love doing cover-ups and am happy to help you replace an old tattoo with a new design. For all cover-ups, please make an appointment for a consultation or come in to the shop in person—We can’t provide designs without seeing your old tattoo in person,  or a photo sent over e-mail since cover-ups are based on how the tattoo looks on the body.

Can I bring a friend with me?

If you are bringing a guest with you please only bring one since we have a small shop. 

If you’re bringing a friend who would also like to get a tattoo, keep in mind that we can’t guarantee time in the chair to anyone without an appointment. Sometimes we’re able to fit two tattoos in – if both are small—but if your friend wants to be sure to walk away with a finished tattoo, they should make an appointment.

Do you accept cards?

We accept cash, credit, paypal and venmo for both payment and tips. We don’t accept any other payment apps. We are open to trade but that must be discussed and agreed on before the tattoo. 

When can I expect a sketch for my custom tattoo?

If you’re getting a custom tattoo, we will sketch up your design after your appointment is scheduled—usually, I’ll begin drawing about a week ahead of your appointment. If you want more time to think about the design, please schedule a 30 minute consultation where we can go over images together and we can make some rough sketches. We cannot provide detailed custom design work without a $40 deposit.

What about touch ups?

Our tattoos are guaranteed after the work is completely healed (usually around two to four weeks). If any spot has lightened up or any minor touch-ups on a tattoo I did for you are needed, please schedule an appointment for a touch-up free of charge.

How do I clean my tattoo after?

Depending on the bandage you chose to wrap up the tattoo the process of cleaning changes.

  1. We have saniderm as an option for a bandage if you want you can keep that on for 3-5 days it is water proof and allows you to see the tattoo underneath. Once you remove the bandage, wash your tattoo gently using your fingers and anti-bacterial soap or the soap from the after care kit we provided. If you left it on for more than 3 days you don't have to wash it much. Just let it be and after two weeks it will be healed. 

  2. If you have a standard bandage remove it once you are home or near a clean sink  and wash it with anti-bacterial soap or the soup in the after care kits. The idea is that for the next three days you are going to want to wash your tattoo as often as possible, and use a small amount of the ointment provided after each wash. The reason for this is for three days after getting a tattoo your body will be producing plasma that would otherwise form a scab, and when you wash that off before it hardens that then makes the eventual scab smaller.  However no matter how many times you wash it, after 3-4 days stop washing. You can apply a very small amount on ointment if it is scabbing but applying too much ointment can cause the scab to get soft and pull out before the tattoo is ready which can result in scaring. 

  • Keep your tattoo clean

  • Avoid sun tanning/burn for 2 weeks

  • Avoid swimming for at least 2 weeks

  • Do NOT pick or scratch the tattoo

  • Keep away from licking animals or humans 

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